Do you take deposits on puppies?

Yes, we require deposits on our puppies to secure them. A puppy is always available until the deposit has been received. It is best to have a puppy paid for at least a week before it is scheduled to leave. We do require full payment before a puppy goes to its new home. 


What should I feed my puppy?

Your puppy needs quality puppy food and fresh water close to him or her at all times. We recommend Nutro-ultra Small Breed puppy food.  Most of our puppies will be eating their puppy food dry. However, some of the tiny teacup Yorkies might be eating their food moistened to make sure they are eating enough calories.  We also recommend giving your teacup puppy Nutrical (it comes in a tube and is found at most pet stores or at your veterinarian's office). Give it twice a day after meals, or in between meals. A small dab on the end of your finger works great. Nutrical is for extra calories. Please don't give too much though, as that can make them sick.


What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept money orders, or cash. We are sorry but no personal checks can be accepted. We will hold the puppy upon receiving a deposit of $200.00. If something unforeseen happens to the puppy or if the vet finds a problem upon the puppy’s inspection prior to the sale the deposit will be refunded. The remaining balance is due the day you take your puppy home.


Are your puppies AKC registered?

We have both AKC or ACA registered puppies. We sell our puppies with one or the other registration.


Is is okay to call you about the availability of your puppies?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to call us! We like to take some time to speak directly with each person who is looking for a puppy to help match a puppy with its new family. After you have made your decision, you may also call or e-mail as much as you want to check up on your puppy. Since we are hobby breeders, we all have full time jobs. You may call at your convience but please leave a message if we are unavailable to take your call.  We will return your call just as soon as we can.  So please don't give up on us.


Which is better -- a male or a female puppy?

Please see link on my sites of interest page.


Why should I have my male puppy neutered?

When a male is neutered at about 4 to 5 months of age, they rarely have the tendency to mark their territory as so many people are afraid of them doing in their homes. We have many happy owners of male puppies that have never had any problems with them in this way. They make wonderful family pets and companions. Neutering your puppy will protect his health, help him to live longer and be a better pet, along with improving his house manners. Please see  link on my sites of interest page.


Do you ship puppies?

No, we do not believe it is healthy to send our  puppies on a plane at that young an age. We believe it is too mentally and physically stressful for the animal. We are willing to drive within reason to meet our customers half way. If you are interested please let us know.


If we did not answer your question please dont hesitate to ask!!

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