Please be very aware of the many scams out there when it comes to shopping for puppies. The reason we are knowledgeable about scams, is that people come here and tell us about the different ways they have been or almost have been scammed. We wanted to share this with people because it is more prevalent than you think. Here are some of the red flags to look for:

  • ** The website has no credible phone number.
  • ** You can only contact them through email.
  • ** American addresses are not theirs.
  • ** Puppies are free if you pay the transportation.

One of the oldest scams involves some supposed missionaries in Africa who want to send you free puppies for the cost of the transportation because they lack the means to take care of them properly. They wish to do this out of regard for the puppies' well-being.

  • ** Misspelled words, poor sentence structure, or lack of good American language syntax.
  • ** The biggest flag of all:

They want you to pay by Western Union because you cannot recover it under any circumstance. They usually have a nice website with nice pictures of the pups and children holding them, etc to enhance the "homey", credible look, etc. These pictures are stolen from credible websites. We have even found some pictures of ours which have been stolen by them. Nothing can be done because they are located overseas, especially Nigeria and Cameroon. You will be surprised how gullible people are and fall into this trap. Unfortunately, your money cannot be recovered. You will find them mostly on free advertisement sites. The safest way to purchase a puppy (or any other product) is to shop where you can see the puppy and take it home with you.

Remember...if it looks too good to be is.

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