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The following is a private treaty to be negotiated, read and signed prior to the first breeding of any registered American Yorkshire Terrier female.

Both owners will provide proof and verification of a negative Brucellosis (Brucella canis) test with results no more than one month prior to the expected breeding date of the bitch.

Proof of AKC or ACA registration must be presented to me and verified prior to breeding.

Name of Stud   _____________________

AKC#                _____________________


ACA#                _____________________

D/O/B                _____________________

Name of Sire Owner at Time of Breeding        _______________________________

Address of Sire owner                                        _______________________________

Phone # of Sire Owner                                       _______________________________

Name of Bitch                                                     _______________________________

AKC#                                                                   _______________________________


ACA#                                                                   _______________________________              

Name of Dam Owner at Time of Breeding      _______________________________

Address of Dam Owner                                     _______________________________

Phone # of Dam Owner                                     _______________________________

Is to be breed to                                                  _______________________________

Date to be breed                                                 __________/__________/__________

The stud fee (cash or money order) is to be paid up front before the breeding between the two dogs takes place unless otherwise stated in the fee for breeding.

_______The stud fee on this particular breeding is $_________


_______First pick puppy out of the litter MALE / FEMALE






1.      Provide bitch owner with a complete 4 generation pedigree of the dog

2.      Take normal adequate care of the bitch while in our care

3.      Have the stud dog in good physical condition and current brucellosis test.

4.      Sign litter registration promptly and return to bitch owner once stud fees are paid in full.

5.      Provide a return stud service of the same dog to the same bitch if no pregnancy results from the mating, at no charge. To receive the return service, the bitch owner must notify the stud dog owner of failure to conceive, in writing, not more than 70 days following the mating. If the stud is no longer available for whatever reason, for the return service, the stud owner or agent reserves the right to offer a different stud to the bitch owner.

6.      Provide the bitch owner with a written receipt for the stud service and a record of the breeding dates.

7.      If emergency care is needed, the stud owner will notify the bitch owner as to where the dog will be taken before it is taken to the emergency facility.

*Owner initials Sire ________


1.      Pay the agreed stud service fee before the service takes place

2.      Provide a 4 generation pedigree before servicing

3.      Provide veterinary certificate of current clear Brucellosis test.

4.      Send bitch in good health and in season.

5.      Notify stud dog owner / agent, in writing no later than 70 days after mating if no pregnancy results from the mating. Failure to do so will result in no return service being provided.

6.      Keep the bitch properly confined following the breeding to ensure no other dog could mate her accidentally, before mating season is finished

7.      Agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer puppies whelped as a result of this mating to any person or firm connected with the business of resale/wholesale of dogs or illegal activity/fighting or cruelty.

8.      Any emergency veterinary fees incurred while in stud owner’s care will be the responsibility of the bitch’s owner.

*Owner initials Dam _________

Guaranteed live litters consist of 1 or more pups.

If the breeding does not take (Bitch does not conceive). I agree to supply the same stud dog for a repeat breeding at the time of the bitch’s next heat.

*A negative Brucellosis is required 1 month prior. Even if exempted from the first time breeding clause.

Once the dog is found to be carrying the pups, (through visual inspection or confirmed by an X-ray) I am no way responsible for any mishandling of the bitch or pups by a veterinarian or owner.


1.      Surgery (Cesarean, Anesthesia, etc.)

2.      Administration of medication (Calcium, Oxytocin, Antibiotics)

3.      Accidents (Hit by car, Stepped on, etc.)

4.      Diseases (Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, etc.)

Definition of a litter: The female owner must notify the stud dog owner when the litter is born. A litter consists of one puppy that lives at least 72 hours. If no pups live past 72 hrs, a return service will be provided by either the same stud or of the same caliper.

Puppy with defects: Any puppy born with genetic or congenital defects must be humanely euthanized by a licensed veterinarian (example is cleft palate).

No pregnancy: If the female is not pregnant, this should be confirmed by x-rays immediately prior to the due date for the litter. (Often a litter of 1 or 2 pups will not make a female appear pregnant. X-rays very late in the pregnancy will not harm the pups.) If the female is not pregnant and the owners elect for her to return on her next cycle arrangements will be made for a return stud service to any male of the same caliper we provide.

*By signing this contract, I agree to sign and furnish any papers or information needed to register these pups with the American Canine Association or the American Kennel Club Association. And I agree that litter registration will not be signed until the stud fee of $__________ and or pick of puppy has been paid.

By signing, I agree to the above terms

Signature   ______________________ (Owner of Stud)

Print Name ______________________Date ____/____/____

I agree to the above terms and have read and understand this contract.

Signature    ______________________ (Owner of Bitch)

Print Name ______________________Date ____/____/____


The delivery of breeding female to our premises indicates understanding of this contract and everything contained herein.

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